About Our Company

At Creme de la creme schools, Our Vision is to instill in every child an all-round search for excellence and to be disciplined and responsible resource to humanity.

Our Mission:

  • To create an equal opportunity to every child to explore his/her potential through enabling environment.
  • To raise world class leaders with high moral rectitude

Our Core values:

  • Godliness
  • Discipline
  • Integrity

Check Your Results From Home

We ensure that our students are given hands on lessons with current technological systems

What We Offer


Give your child the early start they deserve, giving them a boost over their peers.


From age 4, we instill values prepare them to be smart and resilient in life.


At this stage in life, we shape them towards their passions using individually focused learning.


Youngsters now know what they want to become. We are here to guide them.


We also ensure they get home safely and on time.